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OTF President Chris Cowley

Outgoing OTF President Chris Cowley

Outgoing OTF President Chris Cowley

OTF President Chris Cowley brought greetings on behalf of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation. He reflected on how teachers fought back against the College of Teacher proposed fee increase. OTF coordinated a campaign so the college knew that almost 100 percent of teachers opposed the fee increase, which was ultimately voted down as a result of teacher organizing.  

He reported on the success of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension, which started at $18 billion in 1990 and is now has over $189 billion invested, with a greater focus on sustainability and the environment.

He reflected on the Doug Ford Conservative government and congratulated ETFO members on their successful Queen’s Park rally. “I believe there is a strong majority of parents in Ontario who stand with teachers and who believe that teachers have their kid’s best interests at heart—much more than Doug Ford.”

“Every teacher in this province believes that our publicly-funded education system only goes in one direction: forward. Doug Ford may have brought buck-a-beer to Ontario, but we as teachers will not allow him to cheapen the education Ontario students receive,” he concluded.


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