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Amy Korzack receives President’s Award

President Hammond with Amy Korzack

President Hammond with Amy Korzack

Amy Korzack, President of the Halton Designated Early Childhood Educator (DECE) Local, received the prestigious annual President’s Award at the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario’s (ETFO) Annual Dinner.

In announcing the award, ETFO President Sam Hammond paid tribute to the outstanding service that Amy has given to ETFO, its members and students since being elected to her position in 2011.

“Amy’s passion for human rights and women’s issues has motivated her to do remarkable work for our Federation,” said ETFO President Sam Hammond at last night’s gala dinner celebrating ETFO’s 20th anniversary. “In 2011, she led her newly formed local into union involvement and built a solid foundation for the local to grow.”

“Amy’s work on behalf of the Federation has been energizing. She has been a mentor with ETFO’s MentorCoaching Institute for women, served as chair of ETFO’s standing committee representing DECEs, education support personnel and professional support personnel, and attended numerous Federation conferences and workshops including Sisters In The Struggle.” 

A graduate of Georgian College, Amy began her career in 2000 working in various childcare and education workplaces before becoming a designated early childhood educator in Kindergarten in 2010. She is a strong advocate for ensuring Kindergarten classrooms across the province are properly funded and staffed to have two educators, a teacher and a registered early childhood educator, in order to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of our youngest learners.


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