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Excerpts from the President’s Address

In a live streamed speech from ETFO’s 2015 Annual Meeting earlier today, President Sam Hammond announced that ETFO members would be intensifying their strike action by moving to a “Phase 2″ work-to-rule (WTR) on the first working day of the 2015-16 school year.

During his speech, President Hammond referenced the demands that have been made by the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA), which include:

  • interfering with the self-directed preparation time teachers and occasional teachers need to plan their lessons and prepare specialized plans for students;
  • having teachers do more testing and less teaching;
  • taking education support staff away from their classroom responsibilities with students to do non-classroom tasks;
  • allowing principals the ‘flexibility’ to pass over experienced, qualified educators for classroom positions.

President Hammond indicated that “things must change at the central bargaining table quickly. Our provincial Executive has determined that we will stay on course and begin a Phase 2 work-to-rule in addition to the current administrative strike action…effective the first working day of the 2015-2016 school year.”

For more information on ETFO’s Phase 2 work-to-rule, please go to the Our Union CB website.

Sam Hammond delivers his closing address



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  1. Diane Taylor says:

    Are DECE’s also in phase two of work to rule?

    1. ETFOadmin says:

      No Diane. Only Teacher and Occasional Teacher locals are currently engaged in work-to-rule strike action.

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