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Session 3

Guests at the 2015 Annual Meeting

Jim Iker, President of BCTF

This morning during Session 3, BCTF President Jim Iker was welcomed to ETFO’s Annual Meeting by President Sam Hammond.  Iker received a standing ovation from ETFO delegates. Other guests who visited during Session 3 include: Ken Collins, QECO; Jean Franklin, Honorary Life Member; Jim Breckenridge, Ministry of Labour; Dave Kendall, Past President; and Emily Noble, […]

Session 3 in Photographs

Piloting electronic voting at Annual Meeting

Session 3 Agenda: Tuesday, August 18 (8:45 am – noon)

Delegates to the 2015 Annual Meeting continue to conduct the business of the union during Session 3. Session 3’s agenda includes: • Auditor’s Report, • General Secretary’s Report + Q&A, • Review of Electronic Voting Procedures with Parliamentarian Ruth Ann Morley, • 32 budget resolutions, and • Social Justice speaker Wab Kinew.

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